Day: February 22, 2014

THON Passes the 24-Hour Mark (And Then Some)

By now, THON has hit the 24-hour mark and then some, and while many are trying to take in their first dose of BJC excitement, others say they have yet to feel last year's commotion.

[Video] The First 24 Hours at THON 2014

Now that we're past the 24 hour mark by some margin, we put together a video compilation.

Far and Wide, THON Brings Us Together

Earlier this afternoon, we asked where you're following THON from if you aren't in State College this weekend. Here are a few of the locations where Penn Staters and THON enthusiasts are keeping up with THON weekend news.

How Dancers Prepared for THON 2014

Insuring that your body and mind are ready for the extreme exertion of dancing can make things a lot easier come THON weekend. We asked some dancers how they prepared in the weeks leading up to THON 2014.

Things Not to Say to Dancers While on the Floor

There are certain things you shouldn't say to dancers as the weekend goes on, and we've outlined them for you here.

Homecoming 2014 Theme Announced: Honor the Purpose, Carry the Pride

The Homecoming Executive Committee took to the stage at THON 2014 to announce the theme of this years homecoming!

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