Meet Mary Pendergast, LionCash+’s Newest Face

Welcome, LionCash+ users, to the Pendergast era.

That’s right, LionCash+ has finally chosen its new face, and this time it’s none other than Mary Pendergast. For those of you unfamiliar with the role of the Face of LionCash+, this means she’ll be representing all LionCash+ card users all year by spending a lot of LionCash+ and posing for photos. Soon we’ll know her face well, but what about her mind? Here’s a peak inside.

Pendergast is a sophomore majoring in Supply Chain Management, and is the Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi. Her sisters have been very supportive of her new role and even changed her GroupMe name to “The Face.” They’re always happy to take a snap of her using her LionCash+ card, and hopefully she rewards them by spending some of her LionCash+ on them.

Along with Pendergast’s new title came $100 in LionCash+. She estimated that the money bought her roughly seven Chipotle dinners. Money well spent, though her favorite places to spend her LionCash+ are Insomnia and Yummy Cafe.

Pendergast has some pretty large shoes to fill. Last year’s face, Spencer Hauck, lived and breathed LionCash+. Still, Pendergast uses his dedication as her inspiration. In fact, not to take all the credit here, but it was our story on Hauck last year that inspired her to apply. “It’s a little overwhelming following such a great representative,” Pendergast admitted.

But if you ask me, Pendergast is a pretty great representative herself. Pendergast loves LionCash+ a whole lot, maybe even more than the sun loves the moon. She describes her id+ as convenient, easy-to-use and reliable. “It’s there for you in a pinch,” she said. That’s more than I can say for the men in my life, am I right, female LionCash+ users?

So, now Pendergast takes the throne as the face of LionCash+ and faces little responsibility. All she has to do is spend her LionCash+ every once and a while, which sounds like a pretty good gig. On a scale of one to ten, Pendergast says her love for LionCash+ is most definitely a ten, and I have to say I’m glad that she and her id+ card found each other.

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