Your Guide to ANGEL’s Most Obscure Themes

We all pretty much hate ANGEL. All the same, we’re also pretty much stuck with it for the time being. Luckily, there’s a silver lining. As it turns out, ANGEL offers some amazingly obscure themes in its personal settings. We went through them and picked out the very best, just for you. Pick your favorite and make using ANGEL a little bit more hilarious for yourself.



Many of the ANGEL themes are based on majors, and, more importantly, what the makers of ANGEL think those majors are like. For instance, the accounting theme is gray with a giant picture of a calculator, because what else would an accounting major be into? Fun? Anyway, I hate to say it ANGEL, but you’re showing your age with that outdated calculator. Who doesn’t use a TI-89 now-a-days?



Another theme based on a major, this one is a fun reminder of the terrifying things future nurses will have to do when they graduate! I’m assuming most nursing students didn’t choose their major because they loved needles, but if you did, this theme is for you.



They were clutching at straws with this one. I can’t imagine what about a hand holding a soda represents advertising, or why anybody would choose to make it their background. Still, part of me just gets it. There’s really no rationale behind the theme, but a spiritual part of me says, “yes, advertising students ARE just hands holding soda,” you know? The curious part of me says, “did that person from the photo make it as a hand model in the world?” We all have humble beginnings.



Here’s a pretty abstract one. I’m pretty unsure about why they thought college kids would want this taunting them as they’re failing their classes. Also, this is one of the only themes that isn’t named after a college major. Unless, of course, Money is a major, in which case, I need to talk to my advisor.



This one’s fun in that it’s kind of stereotypical and awful. The theme designers were definitely just playing word association, and what’s more Spanish than maracas? Also, I’m sure we’re all wondering the same thing–what does the person connected to those hands look like? What song are they playing? Questions that may never be answered.

The _____ with People Series

This is a three parts series, and the all time best of the ANGEL themes.

Elementary School with People



Middle School with People


High School with People


This series tells a story of the progression from elementary to high school learning. We go from playing Leap Frog to discussing notes with our teacher, and somewhere along the way we lose our innocence. Poignant, yet relatable.

So, if you’re wondering how to change up your own ANGEL, it’s pretty simple. Click the Preferences button (the silhouette of a head), choose Theme Selector, and browse through the available themes. Be prepared to change your life.

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