Day: April 3, 2014

Professor Sam Richards to give TED Talk in Brazil Friday

Following his talk at the Inaugural 2014 State of State Conference this past Sunday, famed Penn State SOC 119 professor Sam Richards will take the stage again tomorrow, this time 5,179 miles away in Porto Alegre, Brazil at TEDxLaçador.

Frazier Earns First Team Senior CLASS Award Honors

After a prolific career, fifth year point guard Tim Frazier was named as a first team member of the Senior CLASS Award, honoring achievement both on and off the court.

[Video] X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis on Lunar Lion, Penn State’s Lunar X Prize Team

At the Schreyer Honors College's Shaping the Future Summit on Tuesday, X Prize founder Peter Diamandis praised and endorsed the Lunar Lion's mission to not only become the first entity besides the governments of the U.S., the Soviet Union, and China to land on the moon, but also to become the first university to accomplish that feat.

Anand Ganjam Wins UPUA Presidency, Voter Turnout Sets Record

After a tightly contested UPUA election, the ballots are in and the results are final. Anand Ganjam and Emily McDonald downed the competition to take hold of the executive of UPUA’s Ninth Assembly, replacing predecessors Katelyn Mullen and Brenden Dooley as president and vice president.

Your Guide to ANGEL’s Most Obscure Themes

We all pretty much hate ANGEL. To put it kindly, ANGEL is a very bland and inconvenient course management system. All the same, we're also all pretty much stuck with it for the time being. Luckily, there's a silver lining. As it turns out, ANGEL offers some amazingly obscure themes in its personal settings. We went through them and picked out the very best, just for you. Pick your favorite and make using ANGEL a little bit more hilarious for yourself.

Blue-White Game Position Preview: Linebacker

Today’s preview highlights a position that Penn State football has become synonymous with, although the days of Linebacker U may be in the past as the Nittany Lions turned to a more offense-based approach.

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