Day: May 8, 2014

Penn State Students Tailgate a Final

Along with several other friends, senior Stephen Pianovich organized a tailgate outside of the Forum building because his friends Shane Green and Ryan Cusack had a final exam.

Best Places To Cry After Failing A Final

Not saying that you're going to fail any of your finals, but in the event that you do or at least feel like you failed a final, we compiled a list of places that are great to let it all out post-exam.

Wanna Post Your Own Yik Yak? Here’s How

Yik Yak is Penn State's latest gossip darling and it's no surprise. Posting your own Yik Yak is a bit of a craft. Here's a helpful guide:

Distraction of the Day: Herb Hand Pizza Crawl Recap Video

Penn State Athletics has released a recap of the First Annual Herb Hand Pizza Crawl for your distraction of the day.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Penn State Edition

In preparation for the 2014 NFL Draft, we decided to create our own Penn State version.

10 Questions With 2015 SPA Director Liz Malara

The Student Programming Association, or SPA for short, is one of the most funded organizations on campus. Between bringing music acts, comedians, or countless other forms of entertainment, everyone at Penn State has probably taken advantage of one of SPA's free programs. From Keenan Thompson to Timeflies, SPA has plenty of awesome acts to live up to for next year, so we caught up with the newly selected Director, Liz Malara, to ask her ten questions.

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