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5 Ways To Keep Warm Through The State College Winter

It’s probably been ages since the last time you checked your weather app because the foreseeable forecast for State College is filled with single digit numbers and snowfall. If the bone-chilling cold makes you shiver through your long parka and lion ears, take notes. Here are five ways to protect yourself from the seemingly never-ending cold.

1. Stay Indoors

Easier said than done, of course, especially when your grades depend on those freebie participation points. But listen here, professors: The cold HURTS, okay? A 20 minute walk to lecture is a whole lot less desirable when you think about arriving with your hands frozen in one position and icicles replacing the snot in your nose. *painfully shudders*

2. Make a Cuddle Puddle

Ah, yes, a classic. Freezing temperatures aside, cuddling is inexplicably enchanting, and it’s even better when the weather outside is frightful. We all know that crowding together generates heat — haven’t you seen the PSU student section during November games at Beaver Stadium? So why not get together with your best friends, significant others, hell, even your body pillow, and snuggle up?

3. One Blanket, Extra Hot

If your list of potential cuddle puddle partners is empty, get yourself a heated blanket. Though you are granted limited mobility while plugged into these sweat sacks, it’s hard to imagine anyone complaining about having a force-field against the cold air. Plus, why would you even want to get up after having nestled yourself in a warm blanket? The only downside: The great outdoors becomes a much scarier place when you realize there are no outlets for your electric quilt.

4. Grab Your Gloves 

For when you actually have to go outside, these, my friends, are an absolute necessity. There are countless occasions where I would not even think about forgoing my beautiful fleece gloves (AKA the sweatpants of my hands). For instance, one cannot comfortably form, shape, and throw a snowball without the warmth and knightly protection of gloves — oh, no. You’re even further in the game if you have touch-screen compatible gloves so that your fingers retain their vitality while texting in the great, blustery outdoors. And for the times you don’t feel like lugging around a pair of gloves, your pockets will offer some relief from the wind.

5. Burrow and Never Look Back

Last and certainly most far-fetched, we have yet another classic: the rabbit hole. Ever wonder where those cute, frolicking rabbits go towards the end of fall semester? No? Apparently they hibernate *gasp!* in nifty, warm burrows, which they dig for the duration of the colder months. Honestly, combining sleep with a well-dug nest for the entirety of winter sounds AMAZING. If you haven’t tried this out yet, you still have six more weeks to cross it off your winter bucket list.

Hopefully these tips, in combination with your own warm and fuzzy rituals, keep you from turning into an icicle this winter.

About the Author

Sam Cummins

The name's Cummins, Sam Cummins. Philly born and Texas raised, I've got the best of both worlds, but luckily I ended up where the grass is greener.



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