State-Crossed Lovers: Penn State eCards For Your Special Someone

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! No significant other? No plans? No problem! These eCards are the perfect ice breaker to send to the kid that motivates you to go to your 8 a.m. Even your go-to FWB will probably* laugh and appreciate you taking the time to save one of these to your camera roll and send it their way.

Here are the best bad Valentine’s Day cards we could come up with ahead of the holiday.

*Onward State is not responsible for any relationships ruined by these eCards.

buslionbe four o minemount nittanymebaecookiehubwillard preacherold main  barronroar

Save and send these to someone to show them you care, brighten his or her day, or completely weird him or her out. Hopefully your Valentine’s Day is as happy as the valley we live in! *vomits*

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