THON Promotes Brand With #CancerCannot

Through various social media platforms, THON does an excellent job spreading awareness of pediatric cancer. From Instagram, to Facebook, to Twitter, the student-run philanthropy effectively covers all of its bases. In February of last year, throughout THON weekend, the hashtag #THON14 even trended in the United States.

This year, the dance marathon has upped its social media game with its new hashtag, #CancerCannot.

“We’ve worked to make THON’s brand stronger through consistency in language and graphics, engagement with our followers, and creatively implementing ideas that are new to THON 2015 — like the usage of a broader hashtag with #CancerCannot,” said Aly Young, THON’s Public Relations director.

Unless you don’t have many friends, you’ve probably seen the hashtag throughout the week on Facebook and Twitter. THON volunteers have used the hashtag in personal messages throughout the week to spread inspiration and excitement for the big weekend.

“THON’s strategies with social media throughout the year have been highly focused on narrowing down our brand’s messaging on social media platforms, as well as engaging with the worldwide cancer community,” Young explained. “When we relate to a larger community, we have the opportunity to show the world how we as students are taking action in the fight against childhood cancer.”

THON’s website further emphasizes the new social media movement and accompanied hashtag, asking who do you dance for? It invites us to join the spreading of awareness, and that “we cannot, and will not, let cancer win!”

So when THON weekend hits in three days, be sure to maximize awareness by using the hashtag with any tweet, Instagram picture, or Facebook post. (And, of course, make sure you follow @THONwardState for wall-to-wall coverage all weekend.)

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