DRCM Advice: How to Help a Dancer if You Can’t Get On The Floor

Standing for 46 hours is hard, but it’s even harder when you can’t see your friends and family. This THON has brought a ton of issues with floor passes, from major backups with the pass system to floor pass suspensions. And right now, the pass system is paused until the end of the pep rally. Despite all of the drama, the dancers have to keep on going. Dancer Relations Committee Member Emily Gatautis has some advice for what to do if your friend is dancing and you can’t get on the floor to support them.

1) Text your dancer

Though cell service isn’t always super reliable in the BJC, Gatautis said it’s worth a try. Inspirational messages are the best way to keep them going.

“I know some of my friends have gotten those and it’s really helpful,” she said.

2) Pass things down from the concourse

When Gatautis’s dancer’s dad couldn’t get on the floor, she coordinated with him to drop food down from the stands that he brought for his kid. If you brought things for your dancer, you don’t have to wait to be on the floor to give it to them! If the dancers need anything quickly, Gatautis suggested getting it to them this way.

Note: THON reminded us that this is, in fact, not permitted. Instead of passing down food, perhaps pass down some words of encouragement to your dancer of choice instead. 

3) Coordinate with people who can get on the floor

If you yourself can’t get on the floor, find someone who can. Coordinate with them to bring your friends or family members whatever they need, including notes, cards food and more.

4) Just be in the stands

Even though there have been plenty of delays with the pass system and dancers want to see their friends and family in person, it’s still helpful for you to be there for them in the stands, Gatautis said.

“Being in the stands is honestly something that’s very helpful for dancers because they know they have a support system there,” she said.

Hopefully the floor pass situation will be remedied soon, but until then, follow these steps to make sure your friends and family are feeling supported through the next few hours.



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