The Best THON-Inspired Tattoos

Last semester, we asked to see your Penn State tattoos. We got an overwhelming number of awesome stately submissions, with an impressive amount dedicated #FTK. Here are the best THON-inspired tattoos, and the stories behind some of them.


Name: Brandon Benner

Story behind the tattoo: Before I applied to dance for THON, I told myself and my friends that if I was selected, I would get a tattoo to forever remember this journey by. I’m not the sort to get a whole lot of tattoos, so this may likely be basically the only one I’ll ever get. I’ve always felt that if you get a tattoo, there must be a story behind it. I believe that this mark on me tells a story — it tells about the place that’s come to be my beloved home. It tells of the values which we should all dedicate ourselves to. It tells of a beautiful, amazing cause that inspires the human spirit to overcome all odds for a fellow human, and it tells how I will fight for those who need love, care, and hope. This means so much to me and I will wear it forever.



Name: Meghan Pituch Myers

Story behind the tattoo: My mom always supported THON and she brought me to THON weekend in 2003 when I was a senior in high school. I was attending PSU Altoona, and I was active in its THON efforts for ’04 and ’05. At UP for my last two years, I was a moraler for THON ’06 and ’07. I was raised blue and white — the importance of transition and education were instilled in me before I was a student. Getting involved with THON then instilled the importance of the four diamonds: Strength, Honesty, Courage and Wisdom. This tattoo is on my wrist so I can easily see it throughout the day, and is often a conversation piece with strangers. It provides an opportunity for me to share what PSU and THON have taught me.



Name: Alexis Carl

Story behind the tattoo: I got this THON tattoo after my 2nd year at Penn State. I was just starting to get more and more involved in THON, and wanted to permanently show my love for one of my favorite memories at Penn State.




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Do you have a THON-inspired tattoo? Send your tattoo and the story behind it to [email protected]

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