Table Ten Returns To THON For Day 3 Performance

I didn’t know much about Table Ten prior to its concert, but I’m much better off for having gotten acquainted with its music tonight during THON.

Table Ten is a departure from the rest of the acts we’ve seen this year at THON, mostly pop/rock cover bands who play with the intent to get the crowd jumping and “make some noise.” It’s about a simple a band format as they come, with an acoustic guitarist, bassist, and percussionist, who played the bongo and drums. Its set was concentrated of indie rock and folk, and Perhaps Table Ten had some insight into what kind of music the crowd wanted to hear — all three of its members are former THON dancers.

“I can honestly say I know what you’re going through, because we were there ourselves, and I remember thinking I was a little crazy,” said Josh Powers. “I would see a trail of light behind people and think I was losing it. But then something amazing happened, and all the families and kids walked in, and we remembered why we’re here.”

Though they did tell the crowd to make some noise a few times, Table Ten’s was by far the most subdued of THON 2015’s bands. That doesn’t mean its music wasn’t easy on the ears, of course — its renditions of classics like “Wagon Wheel” and “The General” didn’t exactly energize the crowd, but it was a welcome change from the norm. They mixed in indie rock with folk and some raggae tones near the end of their set, showing a versatility many of the popular bands in town do not have.

Oh, and, Table Ten performed a good and enjoyable rendition of “Wrecking Ball.” That could be the entirety of this review, because that’s no easy task. Table Ten provided a solid segue for THON to transition into its later hours.

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