Day: February 22, 2015

THON 2015 Raises $13,026,653.23 For The Kids

THON 2015 raised $13,026,653.23 for the kids.

Stacy Bingler Forbes: The Picture of THON Involvement

When it comes to THON involvement, it's difficult to beat Stacy Bingler Forbes. She's run been involved for more of her life than not: 24 years total, so far. We spoke with her about her THON involvement and the future of the organization.

Family Hour A Culmination Of An Emotional, Empowering Weekend

Both the energy and people's spirits have remained high in the BJC, but nothing compared to the energy in the air during Family Hour. Family Hour began at 1:00 p.m. with stories of former THON children, like Janae Holme, a 14 year old who is ten years cancer free this month.

James Franklin Kicks Off Family Hour With Emotional Speech, Pledges $13,000 to THON

Having been outspoken in the past about his appreciation of Penn State's culture, Franklin again made a powerful statement about the passion and commitment of the Penn State community to making an impact, never more evident than a capacity crowd at the BJC to celebrate THON.

Eli Sidler: Even In Passing, His Impact Lives On

With the start of Family Hour comes tears, inspiration, and hope for the future. Emotional stories of Four Diamonds children both past and present. During Family Hour last year, that emotion came from Bret Sidler, the father of the late Eli Sidler. The Chemowarrior.

My First Year At THON, As A Senior

I'm a senior and I've never attended THON before. There, I said it.

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