Local Fraternity And Sorority to Host ‘Push’ Charity Event

by Tiffany Square

Phi Gamma Delta (also known as Fiji) will shut down a street to support and host its annual “Push” philanthropic event, with all proceeds benefiting local Liberty USO (United Service Organization). The brothers of Fiji started this event last year in conjunction with the Pi Beta Phi sorority.

The Push fundraiser origins goes back to its Baltimore roots which started at local Fiji chapters of Johns Hopkins University. Eventually the fundraiser raised enough awareness that Fiji national headquarters now encourages all Fiji chapters to get involved with the event. According to Fiji chairman Ryan (Rudy) Rudalavage, “We have a very healthy relationship with Johns Hopkins University, once we heard of the Push fundraiser we just decided to run with it and support our troops.”

So what exactly is the “Push” fundraiser? According to Rudalavage, “Teams of eight will go against each other to see who can push a Humvee down a block, we will be timing each team, whoever has the fastest time will win a prize…More importantly the reason behind the Push fundraiser is to help support [the cause] by raising money for our local troops, specifically the local Liberty USO serving Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.”

In addition to raising money, the fraternity is receiving in-kind donations from their food service provider, College Chefs LLC. Founded by Kevin Gadus, a trained master chef, College Chefs is a national company that employs classically trained chefs and provides food service for fraternities & sororities around the country.

According to Rudalavage, “It’s going to be fun…We can have a great time while we help out others who help us!” Along with prizes, food-service purveyor, College Chefs, will be providing block party-style cuisine.

The event will be held at the Phi Gamma Delta chapter house at 319 N. Burrowes Street. The event is open to the public on March 29, 2015, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Teams of eight are able to signup the day of, however pre registration is encouraged and more information can be found by going to www.collegechefs.com/FijiPennState. A donation of $10 per person or $80 for a team of eight can be cash or check and paid the day of the event. If you would like to donate but are unable to attend, email Ryan Rudalavage at [email protected].

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