Police And University Officials Hold Press Conference Regarding KDR Allegations

State College Police and University Officials hosted a joint press conference this afternoon in response to the private Facebook pages that were discovered by police. The pages reportedly included pictures of unsuspecting women, strippers, drugs, and hazing.

“The images are disturbing, I’ll tell you that,” Assistant Police Chief John Gardner said. “I don’t want to get into any more specifics.”

State College Police informed university officials of the situation on March 3, Office Of Student Conduct Senior Director Danny Shaha said. The IFC is responsible for holding Greek organizations responsible, while the office of student conduct will work to hold the individuals responsible, he said.

Possible charges include invasion of privacy and harassment, but police plan to explore all possible options, Gardner said. Lieutenant Keith Robb told Buzzfeed that “[we] quite honestly will probably get more out of [the school’s investigation] than the criminal system … what we’re looking at is a misdemeanor.”

Gardner said that the police department would also provide victims services to those affected by the Facebook group. He added that, “for your peace of mind, I would encourage anyone to come in if they feel something might not have been right about an interaction they had at the fraternity.”

Earlier today, both the national fraternity and the university released statements responding to the situation. There have not been any arrests yet, and the police investigation is still ongoing.

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