Crunchee Munchees Makes Grand Opening Today

If you live on the west side of campus, you know that quality dining options are few and far between. We come bearing good news. With today’s grand opening, State College will have its newest restaurant in Crunchee Munchees, located at 616 W. College Ave., between Gill and Sparks Streets.

On TwitterCrunchee Munchees promises to bring the best subs, sandwiches, appetizers, and Munchees to town. The restaurant is owned by class of 2014 alumnus Devon Warntz.

“I came up with the idea sophomore year when hanging out at my apartment with some friends. It originated as an idea to open up a delivery convenience store and developed more and more into the Crunchee Munchees idea,” he said.

Warntz said he’s been developing the business ever since he first conceived the idea. After graduating, Warntz found a partner and mentor in Hitham Hiyajneh, who owns several downtown businesses, including Pita Cabana and Underground Burgers and Crepes. With the help ofHiyajneh, the dream of Crunchee Munchees has been able to come to fruition, Warntz said.

One of the most distinguishable aspects of Crunchee Munchees is its unique menu. Set at an affordable cost, it includes Submunchers, Wrapattacks, and a special Munchee’s Menu. All the meat is freshly cooked and served warm or cold with crushed chips. For the adventurous and grease-loving, there are deep-fried pickles and hot dogs off the Munchee’s Menu. In addition, you can order a variety of flavored french fries, including Cheddar Cheese, Chipotle Lime, Woohoo BBQ, and more.

For those prone to drunk cravings, there is even a “Drunche” Menu. If you are incapable of making the walk, you can order online through OrderUp. As is Onward State tradition, we will be sure to stop by the latest State College eatery for a review in the coming days.

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