The End Of The HUB Construction Saga Is Near

When tractors dismantled the temporary Penn State bookstore last month, it looked as though the HUB lawn was ready to return to its former glory. Unfortunately, things only got messier. More tractors invaded the site and tore up the sidewalk behind the HUB, blocking off outdoor passage from one side to the other.

If you’re dreading leaving campus after finals next week, take heart in the fact when you return in the fall, the HUB lawn will (hopefully) be back and greener than ever.

According to Rachel Prinkey, the project’s manager, the current construction is in an effort to have debris off the lawn by August before the start of the semester. The grass will be completely reseeded and restored over the summer and the sidewalk construction should be completed by the end of May.

“Summer rainfall will be the determining factor to maintain schedule,” she said. “The twine protection of seeded or new sod areas may still be in place on student return.”

Prinkey cited three major reasons the sidewalk needed to be completely redone: to repair cracked and aged paving and concrete, minimize grade changes to increase accessibility across campus, and install sidewalk paths where they anticipate pedestrians will walk.

Dirt covers where the HUB sidewalk once ran.

Student director for union activities Mary Edgington said the current layout of the HUB lawn will essentially stay the same. “However there are some additional sidewalks planned to match more of the pedestrian traffic that has been observed over the years,” she said.

Meanwhile, on the southwest corner of the HUB lawn, the Health and Human Development Building is concluding a multi-year renovation of its own that has clogged walkways reaching College Ave. The building will be open for occupancy in June, Prinkey said.

“The twine and string on the west face is a preparatory step in seeding and laying sod,” Prinkey said. “You will see similar measures on the HUB lawn as we work our way south off of the site.”

The HUB may not have a playground, but at least it will have a lawn.

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