Former Penn State LB LaVar Arrington To Name Daughter After Penn State

LaVar Arrington, former All-American linebacker at Penn State, is having his fourth child — a baby girl — and has decided to name her something extra-special. According to his Instagram, the baby’s name will be Penn. Yes, after Penn State.

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Her initials, coincidentally, will be P.A.

Arrington, a Pennsylvania native, no doubt decided this name was the best way to honor the place he called home for so many years. During his career at Penn State, he excelled tremendously on the field as he won the Chuck Bednarik Award, Dick Butkus Award, and Lambert Award all in 1999. He would go on to be the second-overall pick in the 200o NFL draft.

Best known for his incredible athleticism, many remember one play in particular back in 1998. On fourth-and-short, Arrington stuffed an Illinois running back by jumping the snap count and leaping over the line. This would come to be known as the “LaVar Leap.”

Congrats to the Arrington family on their upcoming baby!

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