Freshman 101: Your Complete Guide To Syllabus Week

As a freshman, everything is new and exciting. You’re surrounded by new faces and friends, you’re on your own for the first time, and the amount of freedom you have is almost alarming. As of now, you’re probably moved in and feel sort of settled into State College. You know where all your classes are and you’re probably excited and a bit nervous for your very first Syllabus week, or “Sylly Week.”

Syllabus week is the infamous first week of classes during a new semester. For the most part, professors spent the entirety of the class easing into new materials and introducing the course. Because of this, homework is usually light or non-existent…and thus, the student body celebrates. Each night.

Because this is your first sylly week, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. How do I make the best of my first syllabus week?! Without further adieu…

1. Don’t even look at your class schedule yet

Maybe you have an 8 a.m. class tomorrow. Perhaps that class is close to 30 minutes away. So what! Don’t spoil the fun by actually knowing what’s in store for you academically. Ignorance is bliss, and nothing beats a surprise. Waking up hungover and finding out you have a chem lecture? Fantastic!

2. Only drink alcohol

People say you should stay hydrated and drink lots of water while you’re going out. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? You want to remain as drunk as possible. Or else, you may have the experience the white loop at night while you’re sober. Who wants that? Even if you end up puking in the Taco Bell by the end of the night, at least you didn’t drink water like a responsible weenie.

3. Don’t eat a big meal

Sure, eating a hearty dinner before partying is safe and insures you won’t get ferociously hammered. I’m not saying you should neglect food, you should just wait for the right moment. Don’t eat a single thing until you see the glorious sign of Canyon Pizza or another top quality drunk food establishment.

4. Don’t plan your night. At all.

People say you should have a game plan. What ever happened to being spontaneous? What about adventure? State College is your oyster, go out and aimlessly explore. If you see a frat house? Walk on in! Who cares about your ratio? When that frat guy in the sleeveless tank asks you, “Who do you know here?!” He’s just playing around. Notice a squad wander into an apartment? Follow them really closely and just start talking to them like you know them.  They might be so drunk that they’ll think you’re their friend from Econ last semester.

5. There is always room on the White Loop

You may think because everyone is going out and partying, the bus stop at East will be packed. You might even think that metal bars will be set up to keep an orderly line for the freshmen. That’s ridiculous. That would be like herding you all into a bus like cattle, which is just inhumane. The white loop is never as busy, loud, or as crowded as you think. Everyone keeps to themselves, there is absolutely no singing or chanting, and you will ALWAYS have a spot to sit. Relax. And pro tip: Always go through the back door.

6. Dress appropriately

The stereotype of college girls dressing slutty or revealing? Forget about it. Here at Penn State we take pride in our attire, and make sure we look presentable and put together. Keep your skirts at knee length, or even consider a full-length maxi (with sleeves of course) for an extra fun time. As for guys, perhaps wear a suit or at the very least a classy blazer. Always tuck in your shirt if you can. This will insure you put your best foot forward, and you will look like the coolest kid on campus.

If you heed our advice and make sure to follow all these rules, your syllabus week will be unforgettable. If you didn’t pick up on it, these are all rules you should do precisely the opposite of.

Note: For genuine, smart advice regarding your first sylly week, click here.

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