2015 Homecoming Court Announced

Penn State’s campus just got a little more royal. Yesterday, Penn State Homecoming announced the members of the 2015 Homecoming Court in the annual “court crash.” The nominees were each surprised in their classroom or office with the announcement of their court status.

The 2015 Student Court Members are:

  • Serge Gaba
  • Kevin Montminy
  • Joshua Bram
  • John Connolly
  • Ramon Guzman Jr.
  • Estella Obi-Tabot
  • Sophia Barrios
  • Emily McDonald
  • Abby Renko
  • Taylor Sweeney

The 2015 University Court Members are:

  • Jeff Sharp
  • Carlos Wiley
  • Sommar Chilton
  • Felisa Preciado
  • Jennifer Ishler

These two courts join the first ever Homecoming Alumni Court, which was announced last week. “Homecoming is all about alumni and I thought, what better way to honor alumni than to make a whole court devoted to doing so?” Royalty Director Kelly Gastgeb said.  

A Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned at the Homecoming football game against Indiana on October 10, following a student vote.

For the glory!

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