‘The Soundtrack To Penn State’ Celebrates 20 Years

On October 31, 1995, The Lion 90.7 FM first took to the airwaves in State College, giving listeners throughout the Penn State community a new brand of radio. Over the past 20 years, the student-run radio station experienced its fair share of competition, funding problems, and lacking fan base. Recently, The Lion’s been gifted with new life, experiencing a surge that’s significantly brightened the station’s outlook. For a station that started from the ground up, its recent accomplishments are nothing short of successful.

The Soundtrack to Penn State is a combination of college music and over 30 different talk shows that provide insight and entertainment for Penn Staters. The talk shows include Radio Free Penn State, The Sports Blitz, and State Your Face. With the variety of shows the station offers, The Lion has blossomed into a unique outlet for college students.

“We like to give the students a true voice of the community,” said Tyler Ball, President of The Lion. In providing the students a distinct medium, that’s precisely what the station does. According to former station President Tom Shakley, The Lion 90.7 FM provides one of “the highest opportunities for students to have a voice at Penn State.” When controversy hits Penn State, be it scandal or tragedy, The Lion provides a channel for students to voice and broadcast their opinions.

The opportunities provided by The Lion 90.7  for members and students alike over the past two decades are worth celebrating — and that’s exactly what the station plans on doing. On October 30, members of The Lion 90.7 FM will be in the HUB handing out swag and promoting the station, so be sure to stop by.

You can listen to The Lion on its website or download The LION 90.7 FM mobile application through the App Store. For more information, contact Tyler Ball.

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Emma Curtis

Emma is a staff writer for Onward State. She is a sophomore in the College of Communications and a first generation Penn Stater. Emma comes from a diverse military family and has moved around a lot; however, she has recently found her favorite home in Happy Valley. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @cinemmatiic.


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