Penn State Considers Gender-Neutral Bathrooms On Campus

Going to the bathroom without having to give it a second thought is a daily occurrence that many people are fortunate enough to have. However, not everyone is so lucky. For the transgender community, choosing which bathroom to use is a constant struggle.

Philadelphia recently joined the list of cities who are working towards equality for the transgender community and providing them with gender-netural bathrooms. As of right now, Philadelphia is the only Pennsylvania city to make these changes.

State College is not currently looking to create gender-neutral bathrooms, but Penn State is considering the option.  The university is currently investigating the logistics of how the project could be completed. Penn State spokeswoman Lisa Powers said the university is currently checking on the costs of placing gender neutral restrooms in each on campus building.

There is currently at least one unisex single-stall restroom in every new or renovated building around campus, totaling around 300. However, the ultimate goal would be to have gender-neutral bathrooms in every facility.

To understand how to accomplish this goal at Penn State, the university has hired a contractor to do a study. The findings of this study will help create a model for the campus. “The study is to assist us in identifying general needs restrooms in our major academic and general buildings — either by conversion of existing restrooms or by adding additional restrooms that will provide for ADA accessibility, gender neutral, assisted or family use, or otherwise private restroom uses,” Powers said.

Gender-neural restrooms’ main goal is to accommodate everyone, and make all feel comfortable when selecting a restroom to use. While Penn State has made significant strides in making the university a more accepting place, initiatives like gender neutral bathrooms in every building on campus are still in the works.

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