NCAA Wants to Know How Many People Are Drinking Paterno Beer

The NCAA wants to know the sales records of Duquesne Paterno Legacy beer, according to a court document filed today.

The Paterno beer was released in late August, selling nearly one million cans in its first week, and becoming an instant favorite at Penn State football tailgates.

A perquisite notice of subpoena was filed on behalf of Mark Emmert, Ed Ray, and the NCAA requested documents from the Duquesne Brewing Company as part of the ongoing Paterno family lawsuit.

The documents requested by the NCAA included communications between the Paterno family or any representatives of the family, the Duquesne Brewing Company, and Blue Line 409 (a consultant for the brewing company). The request was for documents and communications regarding the beer, Paterno name, sales records, profits, design of the can, and projections including but not limited to analyses, surveys, sales forecasts, and assessments.

It is unclear what the value of knowing how many Penn Staters get drunk off of Paterno beer has to the lawsuit, although our best guess is that the NCAA will use the data to try to prove that Paterno’s reputation and brand was not harmed as much as the family claims (but it is the NCAA, so who the hell knows). The NCAA will file a subpoena 20 days from today if the Duquesne Brewing Company doesn’t fulfill its requests.

The full document can be seen in full below (the requests begin on page eight). The story was first reported by the Daily Collegian.

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