Mark Parker Named Fortune Magazine’s Businessperson Of The Year

When it comes to athletes and the clothes they wear, Nike is often the brand of choice for athletic wear. The current leader of that enterprise is Mark Parker, part of the Penn State Class of 1977 and Nike’s newest CEO.

Parker was named Fortune Magazines’s Businessperson of the Year, a prestigious honor given annually by the big time business magazine. His work has enhanced Nike as a company and his innovation has helped propel the corporation forward in ways previously thought unimaginable.

Parker emphasizes how important being on the forefront of technology is. Nike spends an undisclosed amount of money (our guess: it’s a large amount) to ensure it is up to date on ways to measure athletic performance and additive manufacturing to make better shoes and athletic wear. Under Parker, the iconic brand has grown to new heights, focusing on continuing to be as aggressive and competitive as the athletes they sponsor.

“We’re in the early stages of our dot-com geographical expansion,” Parker told Fortune. “I think as aggressive as we are, as we’ve talked about being in dot-com, there’s room to get even more aggressive.”

Parker ran cross country and track when he was at Penn State. He knows all about competition and continues to make an impression on Nike’s competitors by upping research on new and innovative technology while working on online geographical expansion.

Nike recently forecasted that its “digital” sales should increase from $1 billion to $7 billion by 2020. The numbers speak for themselves. Mark Parker is leading the athletic giant that is Nike into the future and making Penn State proud.

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