The Official Penn State vs. Michigan State Drinking Game

The worst thing about away football games is just that: They’re away.

Penn State football is in East Lansing today for a date with the No. 5 Michigan State Spartans. Our staff predicted heavily against the Nittany Lions, so bookmark the official Penn State vs. Michigan State Drinking Game to reference early and often.


  • If Connor Cook starts, drink in sorrow for Penn State’s secondary. And if Nassib plays, pour one out for Michigan State’s quarterback.
  • If you or someone you’re watching with gets sentimental about this being the last regular season game for seniors and select other players, drink in their honor.
  • If any footage from old Penn State vs. Michigan State games is shown, drink your Joe Paterno Legacy Series beer.
  • If the announcers say Penn State is trying to play spoiler, drink in anticipation of what could (but likely will not) happen.
  • At any mention or sight of the Land Grant Trophy, take a shot in its glory or in its hideousness, depending on how you feel.
  • Finally, for each degree Fahrenheit at kickoff, drink for half a second.


  • If the Nittany Lion and Sparty interact with each other, sit back and drink because you don’t have to do any push-ups.
  • Drink at the start of every redzone trip, drink more when it results in nothing.
  • Alternatively, try this fun mini-game: guess what play Penn State will run in the redzone, and if you’re wrong, drink. It shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Take a shot for every rare tight end catch, and a small sip for the too-common Wildcat formation.
  • Drink for one second per yard short of the endzone that a kickoff goes.
  • If Sparty’s kicker, Michael Geiger, repeats his windmill celebration, finish your drink.
  • If Hackenberg becomes Penn State’s all-time leader in touchdown passes (he’s tied with Matt McGloin right now), shotgun your beer in honor of a Penn State legend.
  • If Penn State can’t pull off the win, have a good rest of your night. And if Penn State pulls off the impossible upset, have a great one.

Enjoy the game! And drink responsibly, you bunch of drunks.

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