THON 2016 Takes Over Snapchat

Dancers are up and THON has taken over the Bryce Jordan Center for the weekend. Snapchat is getting in on all the magic in the BJC too, as the 46-hour dance marathon is taking over everyone’s favorite photo-sharing social media app.

Besides just posting to the regular Campus Story, Penn State students now have the option to also post to a Penn State THON Story. The THON story will be visible to Snapchat users all around the country. So take your best THON snaps and show the nation a little taste of THON weekend.THON Snapchat Story

The THON Snapchat takeover doesn’t stop there. THON had it’s own snapchat filter last year and this year is no different. Snapchat users in the BJC have access to the “46 Hour Dance Marathon” filter, so you can show your friends what you’re doing for 46 hours without having to explain. Here’s our view for the weekend, featuring the filter:

THON Snapchat

To find use the filter, connect to attwifi and get snapping. If you are having trouble finding it, we recommend moving to the concourse, where you might be able to get a better connection and the filter.

It’s almost impossible to go to THON and not post a Snapchat story, so let’s take over that THON Snapstory and show the country what Penn State is all about in our biggest weekend of the year.

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