I Spy: THON Day 3

Twice this weekend we’ve challenged you to find some of the more obscure sights in the Bryce Jordan Center. As we begin to enter the final stretch of THON 2016 and you’re running out of ways to keep yourself entertained, try to find…

1. Neon ABC and 123

Somewhere near the ceiling there are small signs that are spread out with the beginnings of the alphabet and the first few numbers.


Try to find this org and once you do, figure out what it stands for (hint: It starts with Penn State, but it’s not women’s soccer, women’s swimming, water skiing, or women in sports media). Click here for the answer.

3. The banner with Spongebob and Mr. Krabs

Lots of creative banners circle the BJC floor. Try to find the Nickelodeon icons.

4. Penn State’s older, better academic logo.

There are a few visible examples from the floor, if you know where to look.

5. “SAIL”

Guess what org this is.

6. Olaf from “Frozen”

Earlier in the weekend we spotted Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. floating around attached to a dancer. Now, look for everyone’s favorite snowman.

7. Light-up question mark

In one of the corners of the BJC, a Greek org is holding two light-up signs: one of their letters and a question mark.

8. Spartan helmet

One of the Special Interest orgs’ logo looks like an old helmet. It’s lit up right behind the orgs’ lit-up names.

9. Nemo

There are at least three references to “Finding Nemo” — it’s the theme of one whole section, there are letters elsewhere painted like a clownfish, and there’s at least one Nemo hat in the building. Try to find all three!

10. 1996

The year that THON moved to the Bryce Jordan Center. The year is referenced on something visible from the floor.

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