THON 2017 Executive Committee Announced

With an event as large as THON, it’s never early to start planning ahead. On Sunday night, THON announced the Executive Committee for THON 2017. Led by former Entertainment Director Austin Sommerer, here is who will be in charge of ensuring another successful weekend For The Kids.

Communications: Jon George
Dancer Relations: Alanna Figurelli
DAR Alumni Engagement: Rick Melli
DAR Development: Tommy Radziminski
Entertainment: Kyle Azzara
Family Relations: Brittany Robbins
Finance: Sydney Boutcher
Hospitality: Michelle Warner
Merchandise: Will Koch
OPPerations: Olivia Rothseid
Public Relations: Sam Sherlock
Rules & Regulations, Event Safety: Andrew Trolio
Rules & Regulations, Volunteer Safety: Andrew Smith
Special Events: Peter Pagano
Supply Logistics: Eileen Seitz
Technology: P.J. Weaver

Congratulations to those leading THON this year!

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