OS Cribs: The Pugh Street Boyz

From cozy apartments to Hillary Clinton-inspired apartments, State College has proven to be quite the location for creative abodes. A decently far trek from campus lies another groovy home, owned by “The Pugh Street Boyz”: Rod Geiger, Dylan Wrobleski, and Jesse Lick.

Before I left, Wrobleski made sure I was aware that “Boyz” is decidedly spelled with a “Z” and, in fact, they pay the rent by using this stage name.

Geiger gave me the grand tour of the eccentric house, explaining the history of the decorations one at a time.

DSC_0564Starting in the living room, the walls are lined with a plethora of posters and signs, like this pro-beer advertisement and a photo of Evan Pugh whom the tenants have nicknamed “Old White”.

DSC_0563You can ride your bus to the Boyz’s house, but please don’t park here.

DSC_0561This crying baby was a new addition to the place this past October when the boys found it lying on the side of the road during Halloween.

DSC_0565Kid Rock, the party music they mainly play at the house, is posted up right underneath two clocks showing the same exact time. Geiger explained this was their idea of poking fun at those clocks that are normally grouped together and show times in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, etc.


DSC_0579But, most importantly, what’s a house without a Moose Racing banner, Trailer Park Boys poster, and Patrick Star in lederhosen?

DSC_0578The fun doesn’t stop even in the kitchen. The microwave is covered in stickers galore…

DSC_0577…and the fridge is decorated with a mustache-added, real estate advertisement taken from a shopping cart.

DSC_0560Two ducks really getting it on in the middle of the kitchen table.

DSC_0570DSC_0569Geiger proclaimed this as “world’s smallest bathroom”, although the official results have not yet confirmed this statement. Located right off of the living room, the bathroom hosts to a green light that the boys stole from a party on Barnard Street.


The basement is also quite the spectacle. Geiger explained that they used to have a slew of Moose Racing banners, similar to the one in the living room, pinned to the ceiling. They recently had to remove them, so they started this brand-organized beer can display instead.

Through all the posters, items, and potential world-record-holding bathroom, The Pugh Street Boyz’s residence is certainly one to be reckoned with. Think you can rival their sexy ducks and German Patrick Star? Shoot me an email with a few snapshots and a short description of your own place. Who knows, maybe I’ll be knocking on your door soon!

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