[Photo Story] Bernie Sanders Takes Over Campus

With the Pennsylvania primaries less than a week away, the commonwealth has become a battleground in the 2016 Presidential race. It was only a matter of time before a presidential contenders came to Penn State, and the first one was none other than Bernie Sanders.

More than 6,600 people filled Rec Hall to watch the 74-year old senator from Vermont deliver his speech after taking over West Campus all day in anticipation of the rally.

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The first students lined up before 8 a.m. to be in the front of the rally.



By 3 p.m. the line stretched across the IST Bridge and into West Campus.

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The doors opened at 4 p.m. and it took just about two hours for everyone in line to file into Rec Hall. Attendees weren’t allowed to bring bottles or bags inside, which led to this comprehensive collection out front.

bernie sanders rally
Photo: Jess Cartwright

Inside, things were more spirited.



Some supporters opted to stand right in front of Sanders while others occupied the bleachers.


The packed arena waited anxiously for Sanders to take the stage.



The crowd erupted with “Feel The Bern” chants as Bernie made his way to the podium just after 7 p.m.




Bernie delivered a captivating speech, pleasing the primarily-collegiate crowd by touching upon social issues relating to race, gender, LGBT rights, and college affordability.



It’s safe to say Bernie left Rec Hall with supporters “Feeling The Bern.” Regardless of where you lie on the political spectrum, be sure to take the time to vote in the Pennsylvania primaries on April 26!

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