History NOW Video Highlights Battle Between Trump, Clinton, And Sanders Supporters At Penn State

History NOW released a highly dramatic video highlighting the three college students who lead groups on campus promoting Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. History NOW, a subset of the History Channel, produces shorter documentaries that are timely in nature. This particular episode it titled, “Penn State Primary: Twitter War (Episode 1),” implying that there may be more to come.

The video features “Students For Trump” President Ryan Belz, “Students For Sanders” President Lauren Smith, and “Students For Clinton” President Ryan Valencia, all of whom seem hopelessly devoted to their prospective candidates. Midway through, the video points out that there are currently no student groups on campus backing Cruz or Kasich.

The three-minute segment puts the fate of Pennsylvania politics on the shoulders of the three students — a scary thought when you consider some of the shenanigans going on. Episode 1 seemed to focus on the Twitter war happening between Clinton supporters and Trump supporters.

The feud started when the Communications Director for the College Democrats Luis Rolfo stated that he would not be surprised if the perpetrators of hate crimes on campus were Trump supporters. Belz, who recently appeared on CNN, was completely appalled and asked for an apology. The College Democrats responded to this with a statement written in the voice of Trump. As the Trump and Clinton supports go at it, Sanders supporters continue to campaign.

The dramatic video stresses the importance of the primaries in Pennsylvania and ends with students heatedly discussing the issues around the HUB. Watch the full episode below and follow along for more:

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