The Best Tweets From Sylly Week

From obnoxious, drunken frat boys to wide-eyed freshmen trying to conquer downtown, there’s endless energy in Happy Valley during Syllabus Week. With so much inspiration surrounding us, it’s only natural for students to take to Twitter to express our uncontrollable thoughts and emotions.

Some of you were nostalgic, a few were appalled — but most of you? Downright happy to be back. Here are the best tweets from Sylly Week:

With all the madness involving LionPATH, Canvas, Angel, you name it — Jackie makes a good point.

In under 140 characters, you’ve said just enough, Jess!

Some of us had warmer welcomes than others.

Ah, yes, actually going to classes during Sylly Week is quite the obstacle to overcome.

Even our beloved former staff writer couldn’t keep herself away from Happy Valley this week.

Whether you miss the partying or the fine cuisine, we can all agree that it’s good to be back.

Never forget.

We sincerely hope Kelly survived this trauma and was able to celebrate with or without her bug bite.

“Do you even go here?”

Sounds like a dream — but we might opt for an different drink of choice. Paterno Beer? Jungle Juice, anyone?

It certainly sounds like you’ve returned to Happy Valley, Steph.

No Sylly Week is perfect.

Thanks, Zach — we’ll keep that in mind.

These are just a handful of the best tweets from this Syllabus Week. Until classes are truly underway next Monday — stay Sylly, Penn State.

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