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College courses rarely hesitate to jump right into material; syllabus week may seem fun, but hours of homework are waiting right around the corner. As a young undergrad — especially for freshmen — the transition from high school to college coursework can be difficult. Learning how to study the right way takes time. Each person’s operational tendencies differ when it comes to schoolwork, but LionTutors can help smooth the big transition or even elevate a good grade to a great one.

LionTutors offers review sessions for a variety of major required courses, including CHEM 110, ECON 102, PHYS 211, and plenty more. They understand what students need to know and where they’ll need to know it. Their comprehensive exam reviews can help students make sense of information they’ve otherwise struggled to learn.

With important first exam reviews looming, LionTutors is offering free exam one reviews for 14 different classes.

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At LionTutors, they’ll help you get form a habit of thinking how you’ll need to think on an exam — and that’s not by accident. They understand how professors tend to test, and they’ll help you apply the detailed information that might’ve been tough to understand in the classroom to the style of test you’ll actually be taking.

Students who use the service see results, and gain confidence heading into their next exam.

“LionTutors helped me know what to study for,” said James, a sophomore finance major. “I feel more confident as a note taker in class, and it’s all thanks to the review session I attended.”

With crunch time drawing near, this week could be the perfect week to stop by LionTutors and give their free exam one review a shot. It’s a cost free trial, proven to be effective, and can give you the confidence you need to excel in the classroom.

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