[Photo Tour] Take A Look At The New Steidle Building Renovations

Say goodbye to those construction barriers and say hello to new labs — that’s right, the Steidle Building is back.

After undergoing renovations since August 2014, the Steidle Buiding is ready for the new school year. Some of the changes include expanded labs across four floors of the building, with window walls that offer a more open view of the space. If you haven’t been over to the new Steidle Building yet, check out a first look right here:

The new Steidle Building features modern stairs, windows, and a high ceiling.
The stairways are a new addition to the Steidle Building.
The Steidle Building now boasts of new computer labs, all with glass windows.
All of the laboratories have been updated and expanded.
The updated computer labs now provide students with more areas to sit and study.
The black and white labs look crisp, clean, and new.
The building also showcases areas with comfortable couches and tables so that students can study for long hours.
The building now utilizes all of its space to give students comfortable study areas.
Brand new floors were added to the building to give it a new and clean look.
The long hallways feature lots of glass windows and natural light to complete the modern feel.
Upkeep was also done on the front of the building to ensure that it maintains the classic vibe that is consistent with most buildings on campus.
And finally, the back of the building has also been renovated to look both clean and classic.

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