LionTutors Exam 2 Reviews Benefitting THON

In addition to providing countless students with direct tutoring services and smart solutions for studying, LionTutors recently partnered with THON to take part in the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.

LionTutors will be giving away more than $5,000 in donations to THON through various student organizations. LionTutors will donate $300 per class offered to the student organizations with the highest attendance at the exam review for the particular class. All of the details about the promotion can be found here.

Sam Sherlock, Public Relations Director for THON 2017, said, “We are very excited that LionTutors will be supporting THON throughout the year. They will be offering advertising space on their review packets, which will help keep students informed about events they can participate in, such as THON Sports Games, Merchandise sales, Hospitality promotions, and more! Student organizations can also win money to put toward their fundraising total by participating in Exam 2 reviews. As student volunteers, we appreciate that LionTutors is helping us to both learn and raise money for a cause that we are passionate about.”

Rachael Smalfus, President of special interest org AXIS, said, “LionTutors is offering its students a great opportunity to help fundraise for THON while supplementing their education at Penn State. Everyone taking advantage of the great resources of LionTutors should get involved in this friendly competition for the kids!”

Not only does LionTutors take priority in its students, but now have broadened its horizons to engage the entire community.

All the information can be found here, so take actions toward successful academics, and also take actions for the kids.

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