Ultimate Midget Wrestling Made A Big Return To Champs Downtown

Following the re-opening of its Allen Street location, Champs Sports Bar & Grill hosted Little Mania: Ultimate Midget Wrestling for the third time ever Tuesday night; and the main event did not disappoint.

The ring was placed in the center of the basement and was surrounded by two rows of seating reserved for high paying customers (idiots), with several rows of standing room behind them. An atmosphere filled with heavily inebriated college students cheering and screaming at every dramatic turn in a match was, as you can imagine, pure electricity. One of the spectators got a little to excited and threw a beer into the ring and was promptly escorted out.

As the drinks kept flowing and the fighters were introduced, the intensity started to rise. The first match feature Flyin’ Ryan and Pinky Shortcake. These two duked it out for a solid fifteen minutes and the crowd exploded after every body slam. The fight ended in dramatic fashion as Ryan flew through the air off of the top rope. Perfect form.

The highlight of the night was easily the second match that featured Little Mario. The second he stepped into the ring, the entire crowd was chanting for him. Let’s be honest, it’s next to impossible to root against someone in a Mario costume. This fight had all of the theatrics you could imagine: backflips, caution signs, jumping off of the top rope, and even throwing beers at each other.

Is there better way to spend a Tuesday night? Nope.

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