Music Monday: Choose Your Own Valentine’s Day Adventure

Valentine’s Day — chances are you either love it or you hate it, but you can’t avoid it.

Maybe you’re using this day as an opportunity to go all out for the one you love. Maybe it’s just another reminder of how alone you are. Perhaps you’re just trying to get laid.

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a corporate holiday designed by Hallmark etc. etc., but you’re allowed to indulge a little. No matter what your situation is, you definitely need a soundtrack on one of the most needlessly dramatic days of the year.

We’re letting you choose your own adventure here.

Madly in love, holding hands in 100 Thomas, becoming the next success story? The first playlist is for you.

Single, spooning a body pillow in fetal position, hovering over an Edible Arrangement from your mom? Scroll past the first playlist right onto to the second.

Happy (?) holidays.

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