Music Monday: Valentine’s Day Edition

Let’s get it on, Penn State. It’s the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, so you know what that means: It’s going to be exactly the same as every other week because Valentine’s Day is just some stupid corporate holiday and oh my God I am so lonely Love is in the air, baby! So after you and your date come back from a romantic Valentine’s Day date in State College, slide into this playlist and let the second half of your Valentine’s Day begin.

We’ll start things off slow. The smooth melodies of artists like The Weeknd, Chris Brown, and Ludacris will provide the perfect atmosphere to temp and intrigue your lover with a passionate, almost mysterious ambiance… Or you’ll just come off WAY too obvious, but whatever. You win some you lose some.

As things start to pick up, let the stimulating sounds waves produced by Miguel, Ciara, and Zayn travel through your ears, and down into your fun zones. At this point please feel free to put “PILLOWTALK” on repeat and let the night go on from there.

By now the lights should be dimmed, the heat is turned all the way up, and that Napa Valley Cabernet is long empty because Lionel Richie, Kygo, and Marvin Gaye are now at the helm of this playlist. If just the thought of Marvin Gaye’s beautiful voice doesn’t make you all hot and bothered then I don’t know what will.

Without further ado, here is Onward State’s Official Valentine’s Day playlist. Have fun, and remember to play it safe.

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Alex Bauer

Alex is a senior from Cheshire, Connecticut majoring in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIENT) and Finance. He is a first generation Penn Stater along with his two sisters. His favorite things are dogs, coffee, and dogs that shoot hot jets of coffee out of their mouths. If you are Mad Online™ about something Alex wrote on the internet, you can send him threatening emails at [email protected], or harass him on Snapchat and Instagram @TheAlexBauer.


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