Hidden Gem Of THON: Free Swag In The Concourse

After wandering around the concourse of the Bryce Jordan Center for a solid hour, a hidden gem appeared outside of the Portal Nine. Free stuff.

As a college student, the famous saying goes, “if it’s free, it’s for me.” There are a few accessories found at this glorious table that could be essential for you to look good and feel good at THON.

The first item that’s up for grabs is a thin wristband that says “For The Kids” on it that is available in blue or purple colors. Are you looking for a last minute item to help complete your THON wardrobe? Well, there are Four Diamonds tattoos at this table to help finalize your look as you scream and dance the rest of the weekend. Lastly, there’s chapstick here. If you’re staying here for most of the weekend, chapped lips are near unavoidable. Grab a stick, available in either blue in yellow colors, to save those lips.

Don’t miss out on the free swag — swing over to Portal Nine in the concourse before these items are all gone!

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