Onward Stats: THON 2017 Concession Stands

We already know the BJC has plenty of options to keep you full throughout THON weekend — even if you’re ballin’ on a budget.

But with all the Nutella pretzels and walking tacos, we got to wondering — which of these options exactly has the crowd going wild?

With a little investigative journalism (AKA an hour of staking out the different concession stands), we’ve compiled some statistics of the food and beverages ordered at THON 2017.

Entree Stir Fry: 28

Cheesesteaks: 14

Hot dogs: 17

Pretzels: 10 

Burgers: 5

Dippin Dots: 12

People who decided to be healthy and went with salad: 4 (You are the unspoken inspirations and yet another reminder that I need to change my eating habits.)

The smart and sophisticated people who decided to bring outside food in: 11 (Pour one out for my meal points.)

Gatorade: 8

Soda: 16

People too bougie for water from the tap and paid for bottled water: 13

The line to refill water bottles: The end of this line was almost nowhere to be found. I swear, I closed my eyes for one second and 10 people showed up. Y’all are taking these water socials seriously.

BJC served 74 people within an hour and our statistics show the entree stir fry took home the gold as the staple. This might be different during breakfast time, but time basically doesn’t exist during THON weekend anyways.


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