UPUA Votes To Support Including ‘Learning Goals And Outcome’ On Course Syllabi

UPUA passed just one piece of legislation last night at its weekly meeting, voting unanimously to support including “learning goals and outcome” on course syllabi. The assembly will recommend the Faculty Senate implement this change in its Policy 43-00 on what instructors must include in their syllabi.

The Canvas Project Management Team presented to the assembly to kick off the meeting, asking for student feedback on Canvas. The team explained about 75 percent of course sections are currently using Canvas, while the other 25 percent are still housed on Angel.

President Terry Ford reported the Student Fee Board met for the second time Friday and voted to approve a fee allocation for Counseling and Psychological Services. “I’m proud to announce to all of you that the Student Fee Board has approved an allocation to CAPS from the student fee of over $800,000 last year,” Ford said.

Ford also mentioned a meeting between UPUA’s Steering Committee and Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims, which included a discussion on the new Greek social regulations released Friday. “He is working hard to make sure that everybody can find a middle ground on this issue,” he said.

Students will also present to Board of Trustees at committee meetings today, including a student diversity panel and a discussion on why the current IT fee should be rolled into tuition instead of student fees.

Borough Representative Morgon Goranson discussed a meeting next week with Assistant Borough Manager Tom King where representatives from UPUA, the Interfraternity Council, and other student groups will have the chance to provide input on the Borough’s party registration ordinance before anything is finalized or presented to Council. An official ordinance will likely be presented to Council before the end of the semester.

The meeting adjourned at 9:04 p.m. UPUA’s 11th Assembly has just three meetings left to complete its initiatives before the next assembly takes office.

Comments for the Good of the Readers: Borough Representative Morgon Goranson has officially secured a seat closer to where the actual Borough Council sits (as opposed to his current location in the back corner). Maybe students really are making progress toward sitting at the adult table for Thanksgiving.

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