Board of Trustees Election Ballots Announced

Ballot positions were determined today for this year’s Board of Trustees alumni election. Five candidates will run for three open seats this year, currently occupied by Al Lord, Alice Pope, and Bob Jubelirer. Despite support from fellow alumni, Sue Paterno announced last week she would not accept a nomination this year.

The following candidates will appear on the ballot in this order:

1. Al Lord, ’67, Business, Edgewater, Maryland (incumbent)

2. Jay Paterno, ’91, Liberal Arts, State College, Pennsylvania

3. Robert Bowsher, ’86, Business, San Diego, California

4. Alice Pope, ’79, ’83g, ’86g, Liberal Arts, Brooklyn, New York (incumbent)

5. Bob Jubelirer, ’59, ’62 JD, Liberal Arts, Law, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania (incumbent)

Last year’s alumni election ultimately included only one non-incumbent on the ballot in 2008 grad Dan Cocco, but the three incumbents (Ted Brown, Barbara Doran, and Bill Oldsey) won their seats back.

Full biographies of the candidates will be posted here on a Meet the Candidates page by March 15. Online ballots will be e-mailed to alumni on April 10 and voting must be completed by May 4 at 9 a.m. We’ll provide a full voting guide for the election later this month.

If you’re a Penn State graduate and you don’t receive your ballot, you can request one here. You do not need to request a new ballot if you participated in nominations for the election.

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