Penn State Love Stories: A Transfer Student And A Chance Meeting

Some of the best relationships happen by complete chance — in fact, Taylor Wright most likely wouldn’t have ended up with his wife Ashlee if he didn’t make the fateful decision to transfer schools.

In January 2007, Taylor was a student at Slippery Rock University preparing for a weekend trip to New York. When the trip got canceled last minute, he decided to visit his best friend at Penn State on a whim. Taylor’s friend had a party at his apartment that weekend, and Taylor got to meet most of his friend group; he had no idea, however, that one of them would eventually become the love of his life.

That night, Taylor’s friend introduced him to a girl named Ashlee. From the moment they started talking, the pair hit it off and enjoyed getting to know each other.

“We played some beer pong and had a good time,” Taylor said. “I could tell that there was something special about her.”

But neither student thought much of the encounter, especially since they didn’t go to the same college and Taylor was simply visiting for a weekend. Though they kept in touch from time to time, Taylor had to go back to Slippery Rock to continue his normal routine.

After visiting Happy Valley for the first time, however, Taylor began to question his choice of school. He was taken aback by Penn State’s campus, and the university seemed like a great fit academically. Though he figured it would be too late to start his college career at a completely different university, he knew he had to apply to Penn State anyway. Much to his surprise, he received an acceptance shortly after submitting after the application.

“I applied that weekend, got accepted, and started taking classes there in the fall of 2007,” Taylor said.

Taylor traveled to Happy Valley during Blue-White Weekend 2007 so he could take an official tour of the campus. During his visit, he decided to reach out to Ashlee to see if she wanted to hang out. Though they’d been at different schools for months, the two students instantly clicked once again and formed a fast friendship — once Taylor arrived at Penn State to take fall classes, they hung out often.

But by the time the end of the year rolled around and Ashlee prepared to graduate, Taylor came to a sudden realization: His feelings for her were much deeper than just a friendship. He decided to muster up the courage to take the next step in the relationship.

“It took me all of that school year to get my head out of my butt and finally officially ask her out,” Taylor said. “We started officially dating on June 9th, 2008.”

The couple is now happily married and had a Penn State-themed wedding in Port Matilda in 2013. They now live outside of Orlando, FL and had their first child on February 9 of this year.

Taylor Wright and Ashlee Wright with their daughter Hope during the family’s trip to Disney World (Photo: Taylor Wright)

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