College GameDay Round Two: How To Revamp Your Signs

College GameDay is heading to Columbus tomorrow for Penn State’s match-up with Ohio State, making this weekend the first time Penn State has been featured in back-to-back shows.

As you proved last week, every College GameDay is a treasure trove of puns and jokes about the visiting team. This time, though, fans will definitely be pointing the jokes at Penn State.

Judging by how fast student tickets for the Ohio State game sold out, there will still be plenty of Penn State fans in Columbus to counteract the hate. If you’re low on cash or were too busy this week to think about another sign, there are still a few ways you can reuse or remodel your original College GameDay signs:

Time to Get Meta

James Franklin may be focused on Ohio State, Ohio State, Ohio State, but we know you’re still thinking about what it was like to have College GameDay back in Happy Valley. Print out a picture of yourself holding your sign at last week’s College GameDay set to show your dedication. Even though you’ll be in Columbus, Kirk Herbstreit might just give you a shout-out.

Flip It Around

The College GameDay analysts will undoubtedly discuss last week’s Penn State-Michigan game more than a few times to gain some some perspective on the Nittany Lions’ next challenge. Save your money and draw your Ohio State hate sign on the back of your Michigan hate sign: Keep the Ohio State version facing the cameras and flip the sign around anytime someone mentions the 42-13 win over the Wolverines.

Feel Free To Reuse

There were a lot of College GameDay signs directed straight at Jim Harbaugh last week, but if you made a more general sign about Penn State, Saquon Barkley, or Herbstreit’s secret love for Penn State, just bring it along with you. It’ll make it a lot easier for your parents and friends to find you on TV if they already know what your sign looks like.

Tweet us @OnwardState and show us how you’re reusing or revamping your College GameDay signs for round two in Columbus. 

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