Penn State Releases Greek Relationship Statement

Penn State finally released its long-awaited Greek Relationship Statement this week, which all Greek organization members will be required to sign. Leadership for Greek organizations is currently transitioning, so all members will need to sign the statement following this transition.

“The relationship between the institution and the fraternity and sorority community is one that must be mutually beneficial,” the statement’s introduction reads. “In order to enhance and promote this mutually beneficial relationship and maximize the positive elements of the fraternity and sorority experience, the individual chapters and their officers and members, the governing councils and the University wish to state their common expectations with respect to their relationships.”

The statement goes on to outline responsibilities of the individual chapters, chapter officers, chapter members, the governing councils, and the university itself.

Just before the signature spaces for each member of the chapter to sign, the statement not-so-subtly reminds students they shouldn’t participate in hazing, sexual assault, or supplying alcohol to minors. It’s sad this reminder is necessary.

“By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read the Relationship Statement and understand my obligations as a member of a fraternity/sorority. I also acknowledge that my failure to meet the expectations outlined in this Relationship Statement may result in me and my organization being held individually and/or collectively responsible for doing so. Additionally, I will not participate in illegal activities, which include, but are not limited to, hazing, sexual assault and supplying alcohol to those who are under the legal drinking age.”

You can see the full statement below:

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