The Official Penn State vs. Ohio State Drinking Game

If the idea of Urban Meyer’s revenge makes your palms sweat, here are the official rules for our nerve-calming drinking game.

  • Crack open your Saturday morning beer, and toast to the fact that College GameDay can’t get enough of Penn State this year.
  • Every time you hear “this is from 45” (i.e. every reference to Marcus Allen’s blocked kick), cue your inner Afroman and chug a Colt 45.
  • When the commentators inevitably mention how long J.T. Barrett has played for Ohio State, take a sip for each one of his 16 seasons with the Buckeyes.
  • Every time “Heisman game” is mentioned, strike the pose and take a drink.
  • If someone dares to compare J.K. Dobbins to Saquon Barkley, roll your eyes and finish your drink.
  • If/when James Franklin reveals a new way to utilize Saquon, do a spit take then take a shot.
  • Take a drink for every spot of white you see in the blackout at The Horseshoe. Hopefully, there will be enough white to lead to a REAL blackout.
  • If Brutus Buckeye gets any TV time, cover your eyes and drink to prevent future nightmares.
  • If “sUpER ReLiABle fROm iNSidE 40” Tyler Durbin misses a field goal, finish your drink.
  • If Penn State wins, finish your drink and fire up the “We Want Bama” chants.
  • If Penn State loses, take a sad gulp, pour one out for #2, and start focusing on Michigan State, Michigan State, Michigan State.

Enjoy the game and drink responsibly!

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