Springfield, ATO/ZTA Teaming Up For THON Benefit Taco Dinner

Two of THON’s largest and most successful organizations — Springfield and ATO/ZTA — are teaming up this week to host an all-you-can-eat taco dinner from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 2.

The dinner will be held at The Station at State College office on Beaver Avenue and will cost $5 (cash only). Proceeds will of course be donated through THON to Four Diamonds, all For The Kids.

Last year, the two organizations topped the fundraising totals for special interest organizations and Greek organizations, raising $192,883.78 and $296,369.40, respectively. The partnership between the two organizations could signal a shift in THON’s culture away from the traditional stark competition between organizations and more toward a collaboration to achieve the same goals.

“I think the fact that some of the biggest THON orgs are able to work together shows that while we care about the competition between organizations, we’re able to look past that in support of THON’s overall goals,” Springfield President Erica Exton said. “Especially with THON’s One Day Capital Campaign starting this week, it seemed like great timing to really emphasize that we can cooperate and to work on making connections between the SIO and Greek communities even though we tend to be pretty separate. And of course, we’re able to reach a lot more of the Penn State community and raise more money working as a team!”

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