THON Replacing Infamous PASS System With ‘Dash’

Best known for its long wait lines and infamous ability to crash at literally the worst times, THON’s PASS System is now a thing of the PASS-t. Heh.

Dad jokes aside, THON announced today it will replace PASS with the THON Weekend Dashboard, or Dash for shore, which is an entirely new system built from the ground up by THON’s Tech Committee to handle all of the technology needs during THON Weekend.

Dash will handle floor pass allocation, the THON entrance plan, building entry and exit, committee shifts, Dancer Support Tickets, and even more other functions.

Probably the most exciting feature of Dash is scheduled floor passes. Pass lists will be given four one-hour windows of time (subject to standard check-on procedures) per dancer during THON Weekend that can be assigned to anyone on a pass list. During these windows, floor access is reserved for the guest assigned to that slot.

“We ​expect ​that ​this ​change ​will ​make ​it ​easier and ​less ​stressful ​for ​organization​ ​members ​and ​dancer ​families ​to ​visit ​their ​dancers ​on ​the floor,” the Technology Committee said in a letter to the media. “​Organizations’ ​members ​who ​are ​not ​assigned ​to ​a ​scheduled ​pass ​will ​still ​have ​the option ​to ​access ​the ​floor ​through ​the ​upgraded ​Digital ​Line ​system, ​also ​handled ​by ​Dash.”

If all goes as planned, gone are the days of waiting 16 hours in the Bryce Jordan Center for your floor pass to finally become available.

“My ​co-captains ​and ​I ​have ​taken ​feedback ​from ​organization ​chairs, spectators, ​and ​dancers, ​and ​have ​spent ​the ​last ​six ​months ​building ​a ​system ​that ​we ​hope will ​improve ​the ​THON ​Weekend ​experience ​for ​everyone,” Dash ​Project ​Manager Ryan ​Anderson said.

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