‘Justice For Isheem Young’ GoFundMe Pledges To Raise $15,000

Hours after the news about Isheem Young’s arrest for armed robbery broke, a GoFundMe page was started by his girlfriend Karrine Depoulter. The page pledged to raise $15,000, with bail set at $150,000, which would be the 10 percent of the bond needed.

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The Penn State four-star commit shared the page on his Instagram, but then deleted it — presumably because of a few comments that questioned the GoFundMe like “justice for what?” He has since posted it two more times with comments turned off.

In the first two hours that the page has been live, more than $600 had been raised. Friends and supporters of Young, many of whom were fellow football recruits, voiced their concern for him and shared the link across social media.


The GoFundMe features a two-sentence description that doesn’t really explain much — “We need all the help and support that we can’t get. We’re gonna do the best we can to get Isheem Young home.”

Young should and will be given his due process, but he’s charged in the police report with robbing a Wawa at gun point and believed to be the suspect caught on video entering the store and exiting with $13,600 — this probably isn’t just some sort of misunderstanding.

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