Overheard On Twitter: Penn State Football’s Early Enrollees’ First Day Of Class

The early enrollees have arrived on campus, getting an extra semester of practice, workouts, and classes under their respective belts. The first day of classes can stir up a lot of emotions, from excitement and an eagerness to learn to heartache.

Zack Kuntz, Nick Tarburton, Jesse Luketa, Trent Gordon, and Isaiah Humphries are five of this year’s early enrollees, pictured here in their new swanky jackets.

Isaiah Humphries, the safety out of Texas, got on James Franklin’s good side early on in the semester. Humphries sat right in the front of his class, posting his stellar seat for all of the Twitterverse to see.

Of course, Coach Franklin was very happy with the early enrollee’s choice of seat. Maybe this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, given Franklin’s love for sending his players to the front of the class. In any case, Humphries tackled his first day with style.

Not every early enrollee had such a great start to the semester, though.

Micah Parsons was the sixth early enrollee to arrive on campus, hailing from Harrisburg and bringing with him a whole lot of talent. We all know how tough it is to leave home and everything else that we’ve known growing up. For the 5-star defensive lineman (or possible linebacker), leaving home was not easy.

Don’t worry, Micah, because it should get easier. You (probably) have a fantastic career ahead of you.

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