Winter Olympic Country Populations That Could Fit Inside Beaver Stadium

If you caught the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday night, you got to see nations large and small congregating in the name of competition. Some nations certainly fall on that small end of the scale — a few not even reaching #107k strong. That got us thinking. How many countries could fit their entire populations in Beaver Stadium? We’ve got you covered on that ~investigative journalism~ and here are the results:

San Marino — Population: 33,203

The smallest nation in the Winter Olympics (and one of the smallest in the world) will be supporting its one alpine skier during the Games. The small European country has been a staple of the Winter Olympics despite consisting of a population that would fill about a third of Beaver Stadium.

Liechtenstein — Population: 37,666

The European country is no schlub in winter sports. Despite a population smaller than that of State College, the Alps have helped produce nine Liechtenstein medals in alpine skiing over the years.

Monaco — Population: 38,499

It doesn’t have any medals to show for it, but Monaco has featured at each of the 10 Winter Olympics despite just being able to fill the Bryce Jordan Center more than twice over. While small European countries have found their way to the games with alpine skiers over the years, Monaco has found its niche in the bobsled — sending a team to nine-straight Olympics dating back to 1988.

Bermuda — Population: 65,331

It has a population that’s the size of a Blue-White crowd, but it’s managed to find a way to qualify precisely one athlete at each of the last eight Winter Olympics. This time around, Bermuda has a cross-country skier. How the hell a country with no snow and just enough citizens to fill the lower bowl of Beaver Stadium manages that, we couldn’t tell you.

Tonga — Population: 107,122

Tonga has enough oiled-up folks to fill Beaver Stadium and reach #107k strong, but, as we found out this seasonBeaver Stadium can fit a few more people than that.

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